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A 5 year warranty covers the structural integrity of all Kira & Kira Furniture. Valuing true craftsmanship, every piece of furniture is handmade from start to finish locally in our Burleigh Heads workshop. Strongly following the principle of 'Buy Once, Buy Well', each piece is handmade from the highest quality materials, ensuring the lifetime enjoyment of our product. 

This warranty however, does not cover misuse or damage due to environmental factors. Solid timber is a natural product and is responsive to changes in the environment. Therefore any movement, cracking, joint separation or bowing in timber as a result of exposure to extreme conditions, prolonged direct sunlight, heaters and highly air-conditioned spaces is not warranted. Misuse of furniture causing burns or scratches, use of inappropriate cleaning products or damage due to flooding or contact with water will void any warranty. Everyday wear and tear on finishes is also not warranted. Please refer to our product care and maintenance guide for information on how to care for you furniture.

For further information, please don't hesitate to contact us on: 0449 509 989 / simone@kiraandkira.com.au